Nasal Decongestant ™

The herbal nasal decongestant made of a unique combination of ginger, cardamom, eucalyptus amongst others. Its antispasmodic properties make it effective against cough and it helps in relieving congestion of the nasal passages and lungs.


Clears Nasal Passage

Relaxes Blood Vessels.

Releives Cold & Cough.

Main Ingredients

Special Ingredients

Mentha piperita/Peppermint

Relieves the symptoms of colds and coughs

Zingiber officinale/Ginger

Breaks down mucus to relieve congestion

Elettaria cardamomum/ Cardomom

Effective against a cough and it helps relieve congestion


Alleviates bothersome congestion and snoring associated with cold

All Ingredients

All Ingredients

  • Eucalyptus oil : Relieves coughing, cold, runny nose, helps to expel mucus and relax the respiratory muscles.
  • Peppermint oil : Reduces inflammation and has an antibacterial property.
  • Ginger oil : Clears the nasal congestion and prevent flu and throat infection.
  • Thyme oil : Act as a potent expectorant due to its main constituent thymol.
  • Cardamom oil : Clears the nasal passage and reduces the symptoms of sore throat.
  • Fennel seed oil : Opens up the nasal passage when inhaled and provide ease in breathing.
  • Menthol : Helps in clearing the nasal passage.
  • Camphor : Relieves congestion and suppresses the cough.
  • Hempseed oil : Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Directions for use

Directions For Use

Hold inhaler 2 to 3 inches, away from of the nose, Breath in slowly, Continue breathing for 5 seconds.

Storage Conditions

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature

Efficacy Studies

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