Our innovative products comprise of essential components that act as substrates, cofactors or inhibitors of various biochemical and enzymatic reactions, scavengers of highly reactive and toxic chemicals, and some act as ligands that behave as agonists or antagonists of cell surfaces or intracellular receptors. Our wide range of products focus on promoting neuronal health, controlling cytokine responses, maintaining cardiac health, regulating blood flow, enhancing brain function, tranquilizing the mid, reducing anxiety and depression, thus covering most of the therapeutic areas.


They are generally referred as health products to prevent disorders. It can be from plant, animal and mineral source.

No prescription is required for purchasing nutraceutical products.          

There tends to be fewer cases of side effects associated with the use of health supplements

They are generally referred as drugs and used in the treatment of a disease. Has a synthetic source.

Pharmaceutical products can be purchased only by prescriptions (other than OTC products).

It comes with various side effects that are required to be disclosed on the label.

Technology used in development of nutraceuticals

Our technology uses a combination of granulation, extrusion and spheronization, using natural bio-availability enhancer such as Piperine and Gingerol, which increase the percentage of absorption of extracts in the body.

Characterization and standardization of vendors, raw materials and finished products

The specification of the extract is decided base on formulation needs, thereafter samples are collected from different qualified vendors and re-qualifications of the raw material is done by using analytical methods such as HPLC or LCMS. Based on the results, selection of extract and the vendors is executed. Sometimes direct comparison is also made using certificate of analysis obtained from the vendors in order to facilitate the best selection. The finished products are finalized on the basis of various tests like dissolution profile, assay analysis by HPLC, Microbial analysis, heavy metals testing, pesticides, aflatoxin and in-Vitro/in-vivo efficacy testing.

Science behind our products

Importance of efficacy testing

Efficacy testing is a set of procedures in product research and development that are conducted to test the product's intended purpose in order to substantiate those all-important claims that appear on the product packaging or in the advertisements. Efficacy studies are conducted to confirm the performance of the product using relevant assays/models.

Method of conducting efficacy testing:

In vitro efficacy testing is conducted by employing validated, highly relevant and specific cell based/cell free assays for claim substantiation of the product. These assays are rationally and carefully designed to mimic or translate the condition/s being addressed.

Correlation between in vitro efficacy and human efficacy

The ingredients of the compositions are well reported to be used in humans. The results obtained in the efficacy assays strengthen and substantiate the expected efficacious outcomes.

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