Anti-Acne Face Wash ™

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A herbal face wash with a unique blend of herbs such as rosemary, witch hazel that prevents the growth of acne, improves the elasticity of the skin and boosts hydration. This product is suitable for all skin types.


Soothes The Skin

Strengthens The Skin.

Reduces Inflammation.

Main Ingredients

Special Ingredients

Equisetum arvense/Horsetail

Shrinks pores

Rubia cordifolia/Manjishta

Inhibits proliferation of P. acne

Rosmarinus officinalis/Rosemary

Firms the skin and balances the skin tone.

Hamamelis virginica/Witch Hazel

Soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.

All Ingredients

All Ingredients

  • Ascorbic acid : Repairs damaged skin and neutralize the free radicals.
  • Neem powder extract : Disinfects skin and tightens open pores to reduce blackheads, whiteheads and¬†pimples.
  • Sea buckthorn powder extract : Controls sebum production.
  • Tulsi powder extract : Has antimicrobial properties that prevent acne.
  • Hibiscus water extract : help to purify the skin by breaking down dead skin cells that control acne breakouts.
  • Ginseng water extract : Has anti-inflammatory properties that quell redness and puffiness.
  • Capsicum water extract : Improves the look and feel of your skin.
  • Horsetail water extract : Has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
  • Anantmol water extract : Helps to deeply cleanse and maintain the texture of the skin.
  • Manjistha water extract : Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help to prevent acne.
  • Rosemary water extract : Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Witch hazel water extract : Acts as an astringent by drying out the acne blemishes.

Directions for use

Directions For Use

Wet hand and face. Dispense a small quantity of face wash onto the palm and work up the lather. Apply on face and

Storage Conditions

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature

Efficacy Studies

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