Energizing Face Wash ™

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A herbal natural energizing face wash that makes the skin texture smooth and promotes cell regeneration. It removes excess sebum and stickiness from the skin. It has a unique blend of propolis, orange peel, reishi mushroom, amongst other herbal extracts.


Promotes Cell Regeneration

Supports Blood Flow To The Skin.

Hydrates The Skin.

Main Ingredients

Special Ingredients

Propolis cera/Propolis

Accelerates the rate of cell growth and decongests pores

Ganoderma lucidum/Reishi

Fights free radical damage and promotes cell regeneration

Cinnamomum zeylanicum/Cinnamon

Supports blood flow to the skin

Gingko biloba/Gingko

Potent antioxidant protection

All Ingredients

All Ingredients

  • Propolis powder extract : : Helps to deeply soothe and smooth damaged skin.
  • Ginseng powder extract : Helps to fight fatigue and promote energy.
  • Reishi mushroom powder extract : Promotes cell regeneration and prevents free radical damage.
  • Orange peel powder extract : Actas a toner, remove dead cells &dirt and tightenpores.
  • Ginger powder extract : Reduces the inflammation and improves the skin’s appearance.
  • Caffeine powder extract : Exfoliates, brightens and refreshes the skin.
  • Coffee bean powder extract : instantly awaken the tired skin by gently exfoliating the skin and give it an energized and bright look.
  • Cinnamon powder extract : heals the skin and helps to clear away scar marks and spots from the skin
  • Ginkgo biloba powder extract : Calms the skin and increases its sense of energy.
  • Ashwagandha powder extract : Energizes and refreshes the skin.
  • Witch hazel water extract : soothes, nourishes, and tones the skin

Directions for use

Directions For Use

Wet hand and face. Dispense a small quantity of face wash onto the palm and work up the lather. Apply on face and

Storage Conditions

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature

Efficacy Studies

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