At Althea DRF LifeSciences we provide start-to-end services from the rational selection of ingredients, product development, safety studies, manufacturing to filing IPRs.

Putting critical attributes into physical products, using a staged process to manage risk and ensure regulatory acceptance.

  • Develop strategies meeting international standards, focusing on regulatory and toxicology requirements
  • Assessment of nonclinical studies required the different phases of Clinical Development
  • Repositioning of data including toxicology study reports, literature, safety data
  • Gap analysis and independent data revi

Drug Re positioning – We have the expertise in identifying novel indications for your existing drug candidates.

  • Provide alternate mechanistic pathway of possible indications to be constructed for your drug.
  • Advise on alternate actives to be added for increased efficacy and MoA for the repositioned drugs

Technology transfer to manufacturing site – Working with manufacturing partners to transfer technology and establish long-term volume manufacturing capability.

  • Proof of concept demonstrated on the pilot scale
  • Scale up and quality control checks

Technical feasibility assessment – Technical insights based on your data and our scientific experience

  • Provide expert compliance advice throughout the development
  • Work with Sponsors and regulatory authorities to resolve complex development issue

As the world of manufacturing is becoming so complex, we deliver third party manufacturing services by engaging our expertise in different field of work and by using latest technologies.

We oversee every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure that we meet the quality control standards at any given time

Consistent Quality- Let us do the hard work while you market the product!

  • All our private label products have been formulated and perfected to have a consistent quality that the customers expect.

Set Your Own Pricing- Your branding-Your Pricing!

  • Through private labeling, companies have the flexibility to control their pricing model, pricing margins and marketing efforts.

We protect our ideas, research and product formulae to treasure the culmination of years of hardwork by:

  • Applying for Patents-in appropriate categories.
  • Registering trademarks-words, symbols and colors.
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