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Dabur Research Foundation

Dabur Research Foundation (DRF) is an Indian Contract Research Organization offering pre-clinical services in Drug Discovery and Development, ranging from identification of potential lead molecules, drug development to IND enabling studies. We offer pre-clinical services to global Biotech, Pharma, Phyto-pharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and academia sectors. The services broadly fall into the functional areas of In Vitro, ex-Vivo & In Vivo Pharmacology, Exploratory & GLP Toxicology & DMPK. Our genesis is from the Dabur group of companies and we started operating as a preclinical service provider after a strategy spin-off from our parent company in the year 2008. It is this experience of 20 years of drug discovery & development that we bring to our clients as a preclinical service provider.

Website link : www.daburresearch.in


At SCINATURE, we understand the human body as a series of interconnected systems that, in a simpler past, lived and interacted in harmony with the nature that surrounded us. In this day and age, however, modern life has created a rift, and we can see and feel the disconnection manifesting in our physical and mental spaces. The result: Dis-ease!

With our 100% plant-based, high quality, and non-invasive products, SCINATURE aims to reduce this gap, connecting us back to the healing powers of nature. Our products manage and prevent disease, and are backed by state-of-the-art scientific research.

SCINATURE’s core team is equally fascinated by the intrinsic diversity and healing powers of nature as by the wonders and efficiency that modern science has to offer. Thus, merging both worlds, and distilling its best possible synergetic outcome is what drives SCINATURE to strive further in its work – every single day, and in every single product. We believe in hope as a manifesting factor in what we do, and what we want to share with our customers, teams, and partners. Therefore, the team chose the brand name SCINATURE, literally combining ‘Science’ and ‘Nature’, to stay as close to our truth as possible.

Website: Scinature.in


A wellness, skincare & cosmetics company committed to providing all-natural topical solutions scientifically proven to be safe and effective.

FKI, in partnership with Dabur Research Foundation, is developing a platform of proprietary CBD formulations that blend additional high purity essential ingredients that have been proven to enhance anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity, as well as enhance recovery. Broad Spectrum CBD

All FKI products include optimal levels of the highest-quality Broad Spectrum CBD, tested and verified by Dabur Research Foundation. Select Ayurvedic Ingredients

Considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science, Ayurveda has existed for thousands of years and is still utilized by the overwhelming majority of Indians today. Plant Stem CellsLeveraging Dabur’s expertise in Ayurvedic ingredients and in collaboration with institutions such as Harvard Medical School in exploring the healthful benefits of selected plant stem cells. Transdermal Delivery System

All topical formulations feature a proprietary transdermal delivery system developed by Dabur specifically for FKI products. This system is owned exclusively by FKI and is patent pending.

Website: flowerkist.com


  • Oncquest is India’s Leading Super Specialised Laboratory Network with over 14 years of experience under its belt, College of American Pathology (CAP) and NABL accredited laboratory, Oncquest is known for its excellence in Molecular and Clinical Diagnostics
  • Oncquest’s expertise in the areas of Companion Diagnostics, Pharmacogenomics and greater penetration into Personalized Medicine has made it the future epicenter of the technological advancement in healthcare, to come. Preferred partner by Global Pharma companies and CROs for Clinical trials (Phase I – Phase IV).We also provide Patient Support Programme, Clinical Trials, and Validation Study on patients to bring down the cost of diagnosis and treatment, Epidemic Study.

Website: www.oncquest.net


  • Daivam is a holistic way of healing that derives its roots from the distilled ancient wisdom of world medicine, backed by modern scientific methods, and delivered through the power of technology. The principles of Daivam are geared towards reversing disease, and returning you to good health.
  • Daivam follows a long-term approach to ensure that one remains in good health through a personalized and integrative health system called ‘The Daivam Way’. A dedicated health coach empowers our clients with the knowledge and discipline to take charge of their own health. This comprehensive system restores a state of homeostasis, and a sense of harmony within the mind and body.
  • We at Daivam take our foundation of functional medicine very seriously. All our efforts are aimed at delivering a personalized and evidence-based approach to complete wellness. We invite you to join us on this journey, and to achieve true wellbeing The Daivam Way.

Website: www.daivamwellness.com


  • Medovie was founded in 2010 by three entrepreneurs with a passion for healthcare.
  • They pursued a shared vision to create an innovative company to combine the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine with advanced scientific research to develop safe, natural, and efficacious skincare and dermatological products.
  • All our products are developed using the ‘Medovie Standard’. Through this process, our in-house research and development team identifies the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure the most effective products.
  • Medovie is now proud to launch its first set of skincare products addressing consumers who want to bring benefits to their skin, for itchy, dry and flaking skin, ten years in the making.
  • All of our products are based on our patented registered formula which is a combination of 3 herbs its name is 3HX.
  • We use a unique extraction and production process which enhances the effect of the herbs. Our innovative production process ensures and enhances the most potent skincare ingredients which nature has built into these herbs. Resulting in a highly natural and safe product which makes the skin smooth and hydrated and which, in addition to that, also keeps the skin in a non-flaking condition.
  • 76% of our users responded favourably to our skincare products which have been extensively tested for tolerance and well-being.

Website: medovie.com

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